Features Overview

The WKW App will not only allow players to compete against each other on world sporting events, the unique features of Blockchain technology will allow bets to be placed on literally any event of any type, anywhere at anytime! Yep, you heard right. Cool, right?


So, how would it work?

We all know the result of the Manchester City game at the weekend, or the winner of the coveted green jacket at the Masters Golf Tournament. We even know whether Burgess Hill Town won on Saturday in the Isthmian League. This is all because some clever people somewhere are telling us the results.


However, who knows who won your 5 a side match at your local sports centre? Who knows who came out on top at your annual golf society tournament. That’s right, you do. You, and your friends.


With blockchain technology you will be able to place bets and self verify the results on the blockchain, of any event, sporting or otherwise, that you could possibly imagine. And once verified, just like the Manchester City result, it cannot be changed, tampered with or hacked.


This is the blockchain revolution which will be introduced to our platform during phase 4 of our build in 2020. Who knows what is possible? But one thing is for sure, he/she who knows...WINS!

But that’s not all, we will also have the opportunity to launch our own Token to bet with on the site. This “WIN Token” will be a currency that is used on the app to enable our game to be quite literally global. It won’t matter whether you are betting in Pounds Sterling, Euros, US Dollars, Japanese Yen or Paraguayan Guarani, players will come together by converting to and winning WKW Win Tokens. When it comes to cashing out, these will automatically be converted back to the player’s native currency.