It’s not you against the house


The current sports betting market is saturated with bookmakers, each taking full control over the betting environment and the odds on sporting events. The odds are always calculated in favour of the house, which removes all player engagement. Transactions are performed in a solitude, making betting an individual pastime with little or no interaction with friends or colleagues, and certainly no “banter” or social interaction.

And while it’s clear there’s huge demand for betting platforms, user demands are changing. It isn’t fun to see your accumulator go up in smoke thanks to an injury time equaliser or a dodgy refereeing decision. Traditional online bookmakers are making every effort to convince their users that their platforms are social in some way, but the fact remains that it’s simply you against the house, and the house always wins!

Who Knows Wins is different – someone ALWAYS wins! It has its foundations based around the social side of sport; the interaction between friends and fans of different teams and sports and the banter in the workplace on a Monday morning. WKW allows friends and colleagues to compete against each other, rather than the house. No longer will you have to beat the odds, you just have to beat the next best player in order to bring home the winners pot and earn the bragging rights.

Players will be able to create their own leagues of as many games across as many sports as they like, and then invite their friends along for the ride, the challenge and the hope of the smug satisfaction of victory! They will also be able to join public leagues and compete against other players from around the globe on a multitude of sporting events. Who Knows Wins is ready to change the way we bet and make it accessible to absolutely everybody, everywhere.


Combining Social & Digital

The Who Knows Wins App combines social with digital and creates a competitive network of real people; friends, family, colleagues, or even complete strangers, to predict on the outcome of a sporting event on an online platform.


Decentralised & Global

Utilising the core features of blockchain technology, our vision is to create a decentralised global social gaming network; the ultimate test for sports fans across the globe to prove their sporting knowledge.